Future of the Euro: Lessons from History

A Conference at UC Berkeley | April 16, 2013

Participant Memos

I. Political Union

Benjamin Jerry Cohen
BCohen – Talking points

Harold James
HJames – Talking points

J. Bradford DeLong
JDeLong – Talking points

II. Banking Union

Richard Sylla
RSylla – Talking points

Hugh Rockoff
HRockoff – Talking points

Kris James Mitchener
KMitchener – Talking points

III. Fiscal Union

John Wallis
JWallis – Talking points

C. Randall Henning
RHenning – Talking points

IV. Monetary Union

Joachim Voth
JVoth – Talking points

Michael Bordo
MBordo – Talking points

Lars Jonung
LJonung – Talking points

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